Akiane – 15 year old multi-talent brings people to God

Akiane Kramarik from Idaho (USA) began her deep connection with God age 4. She started to paint amazing artworks – realistic and dream-like – and she brought her atheistic parents to God. Now Akiane is 15 and not only created dozens of amazing artworks, but she also composes music and poetry. On her Blog she recently explained the above painting called “Search for Truth”: “It is a painting about humanity’s search for the origin, destiny, and meaning of life. It is a story of how we look for the truth and how we treat others as they also try to discover it. With so many scientific achievements we know so little of where we came from and where we are going. But we know even less of the most important discovery of all – Love. Only love can accept our differences as we journey through life. And only love can allow space for our growth. The astronaut here represents many of us searching for truth in a controlling way. Although we are still searching, we are convinced that we have already discovered the truth and that everyone should believe it only our way. And believe it at any cost. Just like this man, we stand on a strange little planet trying to posses it. Like a giant we trample on the flowers reaching for light that represent meek and gentle souls ruled by the ignorant, the cunning, the powerful, the prideful, or the aggressive. Sadly, most of the tiny planet is already trampled.

Through his stiff and cumbersome space suit the astronaut is not able to touch and smell the blossoms and is able to view them only through his shatter-proof mask. He presumes the air here is toxic and void of life. So he fears to remove his suit and get contaminated. Yet despite his great knowledge he has not figured out that if flowers bloom, then he too would be able to breathe safely. Even though he dwarfs the planet of flowers, he himself gets dwarfed by a grand space of galaxies and mysteries, which I portrayed through many reality designs including two sets of DNA where divine and human lives interact continuously. I believe everyone should have an opportunity to search for truth their own way. Humility, peace, child-like enthusiasm, acceptance, and sincerity is the true infinity engine!”

Akiane will be the live guest on “2012 and beyond” this Friday, February 19th at 9 pm CET, 8 pm GMT, 3 pm EST, 12:00 noon PST. Don’t miss it. Here is the link of the channel: www.livestream.com/2012truth. More informations, videos and artwork on Akiane’s website.


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