February 13th is New Moon

It is the New Moon in Aquarius, the ultimate time for creating your own reality during the yearly cycle of 13 new moons. Aquarians are said to be independent, creative, changeable, and unique, which is frequently true. Yet, the challenge for any Aquarian is to be grounded and to have an open heart, since the ruling planet of Aquarius – Uranus – makes Aquarians over-energized, abstracted, and mental. During this New Moon, each one of us is especially challenged to access this creative and transformative part of ourselves, because the Chiron/Neptune conjunction (exact on Feb. 16) is exactly conjunct the New Moon. It would be wise to remember that intense self-discovery can take you out of your body, which separates you from the powers of your heart. This is the yearly Aquarian challenge for everybody, but this year’s Aquarius New Moon offers a quantum leap in creative potential. This New Moon offers the central creative program, not just Aquarian software.

Also regarding 26 Aquarius, Neptune was in 26 Aquarius when the planet was first discovered in 1846! During this New Moon and the Chiron/Neptune conjunction on February 16, Neptune is experiencing its return, which will complete the spiritual trends that began in the 1840s. If we go back to the time of Neptune’s sighting, we find people experimenting with mediumship; hypnotism was discovered; and the theosophical movement began. These movements were all based on the premise that we are not separate from spirit, and that we can develop skills to be in touch with spirit. For those of us accessing nine dimensions and other multidimensional studies these days, we are accessing galactic and universal consciousness. Barriers to other worlds are breaking down, and the key to these breakdowns is always Uranus, which is in the sign that rules Neptune, Pisces.

The planet of transformation, Uranus, is exactly 30 degrees beyond Chiron/Neptune conjunct the New Moon. This is not a strong aspect, but Uranus rules Aquarius, so this increases Neptunian resonance with the New Moon complex. While in Pisces, Uranus subtly emphasizes that the really meaningful transformations are spiritual and not physical. Uranus has been in Pisces since 2003 and moves into Aries in March 2011 (after a brief sojourn into Aries during June-August 2010), so we are in the final stages of mastering its spiritual potential. Uranus rules our creative development over 84 years and transits each sign of the Zodiac for 7 years, the famous “seven-year itch.” Every seven years, a new creative theme is worked out in culture, and as individuals, we each change greatly at ages 7, 14, 21, 28, and so on. Many cultures feel that a child first becomes an adult at age 21, which is the first Uranus square.

If you reflect for a moment, you will notice that you have become much more spiritually inclined since the 1960s, when Uranus entered the latter signs of this cycle, and now we are experiencing the final stages of spiritual breakthrough. This New Moon expresses this story dramatically with the New Moon/Chiron/Neptune also in happy resonance with Uranus in Pisces. And, Jupiter is now in Pisces, which is awakening compassion and spirituality and expanding the final stages of the 184-year-long Neptune discovery phase. The grouping of the New Moon/Chiron/Neptune in late Aquarius followed closely by Venus/Jupiter in early Pisces certainly draws the eye.

To summarize this very complex and potent New Moon chart: The collective world will feel very chaotic and undirected, while individuals will wake up mind-bending inner creative powers, especially those who have planets in 3-6 degrees of any sign. If you do, you may feel like you are in the middle of a pinball machine with lights and sound going off while somebody is shaking and tilting it to boot. The early Greeks always said, “Know Thyself.” Well, perhaps they were right. (Excerpts from an article by Barbara Hand Clow)


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