World Harmony Run in Columbia

World harmony and peace is still the most important goal of humanity. In January 2010  the International “World Harmony Run”, founded by spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy, made station in Paipa, Columbia. They ran We ran from Lake Sachogota to the main square of Paipa. They were  joined by world record holder and inspiration Lazaro Matinez Cruz who carried the torch into the main square. Lazaro set a world record by travelling by wheel chair from Buenos Aires to Paipa – a distance of over 6000 km which took him over the Andes mountain range. Then Carolina Conmargo, one of Colombia’s top athletes joined the team and presented the torch to Padre Victor Guerra (picture) who blessed the torch and offered a brief sermon in his beautiful church – Catedral de San Miguel Arcangel. The World Harmony Run is a global torch relay, seeking to strengthen international friendship and understanding. Read more here. Take also a look at the beautiful artwork children offered expressing their hopes and dreams for a more harmonious world on the online art gallery.


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