Runners from 30 nations bring World Harmony Torch to Guatemala

Harmony Run Guatemala 2010

In a spectacular launch of the 2010 World Harmony Run, runners in Guatemala carried the World Harmony Torch to the Pacaya Volcano for the 2010 torch lighting ceremony.  The torch was lit from the molten lava at the Volcano. The World Harmony Run is a global torch relay that promotes harmony between people of different cultures, nationalities and beliefs.  In 2010 over 100 nations on six continents will participate in the international relay, and will cover over 56,000 kilometres.  In Guatemala runners include representatives from Ukraine, Switzerland, China, Brazil, Canada, El Salvador, Iceland and Mongolia as well as Guatemala. The World Harmony Run, an initiative of life-long athlete and universal man of peace Sri Chinmoy, was first staged in 1987 and now involves more than 100 countries, uniting thousands of communities and millions of people. Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007) was an athlete, philosopher and humanitarian who saw sport as a powerful instrument for promoting global harmony. In recognition of his lifelong efforts to foster friendship between peoples and nations, he received the highest national award from more than 10 countries. Sri Chinmoy envisioned: “May each and every individual each day have a new dream of world harmony.” Many world leaders have participated in past World Harmony Runs, including Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, South African President Nelson Mandela and Mother Teresa.  National Patron of the Australian World Harmony Run, running legend Ron Clarke, said, “The Run will bridge cultural and social barriers, and all the boundaries that separate nation from nation. It shows that athletics can be a powerful force for good.”  For more information go to



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