Big Snow Circle Formation in Holland

On Saturday, December 19th Robbert and Roy Boschman returned to the site after they had visited it a first time in the night at 1 am. They could see see the entire formation, but Robbert was not certain that all of the rings were present in the night. He thinks that perhaps more rings were added in the meantime. When Roy and Robbert got to the field in daylight on the 19th no footsteps were visible except near the edges of the formation closest to the dike, where they had walked the night before. There were no footprints at all out in the rest of the field, or in any of the rings farther out in the field. And there were also no piles of the snow which had apparently been removed anywhere in the field.  It is Roy’s impression that the two largest rings were elliptical, as indicated in the diagram. A more detailed report, with additional photos, will be posted on the BLT Research Team’s web-site ( shortly.


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