How do Indigo and Crystal Children feel and what can they offer to the world?

On her website, Swiss crystal child Lena speaks about crystal children: “Each person has 7 senses but most of them don’t know them or don’t use them. Crystal children are similar to Indigo children. The aura of Crystal children shines in all pastel colours. Their energy is clear, calme, peaceful and they radiate a lot of love. They are very sensitive and can feel the emotions of other people, feel energies and thoughts. On the other side they are very sensitive and get hurt very soon. They are peacemakers. Because they don’t like fights, they do everythin with love and respect. The Crystal children have a big knowledge. For example they know what they did in past lifes, what happens with people, why they are ill or where their way goes and so on. That’s why they are a bit bossy and don’t like teacher so much. They don’t like if other people instruct them because they know it already. The Crystal children like nature and animals very much; they are very important for them. They know about their feelings and are very clear about what happens in their body or in their life. They love everything. To the angels, ghosts and invisibly friends they have a good contact and can talk to them. Telepathy is easy for them. The eyes of Crystal children are mostly big and shiny. They can talk with their eyes.” For those of you who are interested in the subject, Lena (23) will gave a one hour LIVE interview on 2012 and beyond on December 11th 2009 which still can be seen here or at vimeo.


12 thoughts on “How do Indigo and Crystal Children feel and what can they offer to the world?

  1. I would like to offer some thoughts from another view on what people are calling the Indigo and Crystal children.

    First, most, if not all, of the characteristics being ascribed to the children, are a result of their intuitive abilities. Those who first used the term Indigo were referring to the color in the aura which reflects a person who is profoundly connected to the spirit world. Those who are connected to the spirit world are those who can remember their connection with their soul self, which all of us have. Thus, it is not amazing that people are awake and aware. What is truly amazing is that people can ignore this connection!

    Second, this is only considered new in western culture. In other cultures, it is simply a way of life. It is not special; it is not amazing. It is what we are. Anyone who walks with the earth and is in that rhythm will come to remember their connection, for it is then that we truly listen to that which is in all things.

    Finally, many of the problems associated with the people with these labels are due to a lack of understanding of their gifts and how to control them. Many who are ADD, bipolar, schizophrenic and the like simply receive input of which “authorities” cannot conceive. If they are taught how to discern what is theirs and what they are simply absorbing from other physical and spirit people, their lives become more orderly. When a person has shifting moods for no apparent reason in a western frame of reference, it can be disconcerting. Open up to the possibility of being empathic, and it all makes sense.

    This is my truth of this matter. I wish I could understand why people who disagree with those who brings up this topic are so very vicious and judgmental about it. We all can know what our truth is as it is what brings peace and joy into our lives as well as the lives of those around us and allow others their truth.

    1. I agree with what you speak, as it is this our reality in truth. I feel that we each have these abilities as they are part of the whole. Our integral systems vary in accordance with our flow and how easily connected we are to the whole. Our sensitivity as beings under such different external environments has it’s own wave.
      I would first be drawn to having all these traits that the Crystal and Indigo Children have, but cannot specify my form into such category as I don’t feel each being is a user in such set. We are different in where we are, but still part of the whole, the cycle that links us to the infinite.

  2. Well although you have some strong convictions, you are unfortunately not as well versed on this subject as you would like to think. Allow me to introduce myself: I am an adult
    Indigo adult/ Reiki Master, and the mother of a beautiful crystal child. What you have missed here is that we are transcending into a evolutionary leap of human-kind, marked by the new energies of the auras…and actually Indigos and Crystals vibrate on a much higher frequency, our auras, as well as our physical physiology, are much different than people who before had the Indigo colored auras…….Our world is entering into a phase of raised consciousness, we are evolving into a higher frequency, and therefore, a higher spiritual understanding….. The great ancients you speak of & the other “non-western” cultures know this….as they also know of the new children. My daughters aura, as well as other crystals, is unlike anything that has came before in the generations is translucent, shimmery, with flecks of pastel color….alone her energy is so powerful…that her presence can disturb electrical equipment. Her chakras spin much faster than those with the older energy field, including myself….she is on such a higher frequency that you can feel her aura from rooms away, that is how far it radiates. Those of us who can see auras, and are energy workers, like myself, can see, and feel the difference for ourselves……we are experiencing first hand the new auras, which you seem to think are the same as what has always been here. To remedy your lack of understanding on the subject, and since you are not as sensitive as us to see it for yourself, I recommend that you read some literature on the subject…preferably something written by someone who has some vast knowledge on the subject, and understands what is really going on. It is possible that after some more personal research, most of which you’d find amongst the other “non-western” cultures you said your familiar enough to reference, you will truly understand some of the other traits of Indigo & Crystals that you stated to Kedar you would mention but did not. Really her description was not limited…it was simplified so that those like you, could more easily understand. The trait of Indigos and Crystals that needs to be mentioned now to you…that is the #1 identifier of these individuals, is the higher frequency and significantly more powerful auras. Of course we can all discover our”truth!” it is our birthright, our path, our destination….but that is not why crystals and Indigos are different, becuase we claim that they are the only ones who know “truth.” They are on a much higher frequency..they don’t need to discover their truth, they are born with it. My daughter, like myself when I was a child, communicates openly with spirits and angels. She is psychic. We communicate telepathically. She is 3 and she is already a Reiki level 2. She excels in art and music to the point of genius…she is different not because of these traits…but because of her aura and it’s brilliant crystalline structure…
    We are not being judgmental…but let me give you this analogy: When I’m looking directly at the brilliance of the sun with eyes wide open, remarking how beautiful it is…isn’t it unfair for you to insist that you only see a shadow rather than the sun, just because you are looking at the ground with eyes squinted instead of wide open?

  3. Leah,

    Since I spend my days over the past 18 years working with such children and adults and have raised such children myself, I find your comments on my inabilities to understand interesting. All I am saying is that this is nothing new. Tribal people have been this way for thousands of years. It is just that it is finally receiving attention in the western culture. It is those who say it is a scam altogether who are vicious about it all.

    I do not label people and say if you are this conglomeration of abilities and traits then you fit this label. We tell people that their name is sufficient for a label. Being who we are is quite enough to handle without having to worry about other labels. We help people identify, develop and control their intuitive abilities.

    Our work is cited in much of the literature. At least many who come to our website say they have found us from books others have written in addition to the two we have written.

    Auras do not create who we are, they are our spirit bodies, what we are. They change with our moods, but have a basis such as you describe when we are in harmony. We get sick in our auras before we get sick in the body. As a Reiki person, you know the importance of keeping the body’s energy clean.

    We came from the spirit world and will return there. Many of us can walk in both worlds while here.

    susan gale

  4. Leah,

    Something I failed to clarify in my response was that when I was referring to tribal people, I was not referring to the ancient ones. Rather those today who walk with the earth in the ancient traditions, wisdom and knowledge of tribal people. The things you describe that you and your child can do have always been a part of this tradition and practice, with those traits being part and parcel of the way of life for thousands of years.

    I am very glad your child chose someone who would allow her to remember who she is. Many children, for various reasons, choose to come to very harsh conditions. However, in many cases, it is these very harsh conditions that cause them to hold onto their gifts so that they can survive. Our lifetimes are but moments in our existence or a simple sparkle on the water as the daughter of a dear friend once called it in her book which recounted the times she and her husband had spent together in other times.

    Your post taught me two important things, and I am grateful for that. Thank you.

    I would also like to correct a grammatical error. I should have written that I have spent the past 18 years! Between the current center and my former pre-K through grade 12 school, it has been longer than I realized!

    dance in the light of spirit,


  5. I found Leah’s response to a comment irritating instead of enlightening. It was so disdainful toward Susan that I have no faith at all in anything Leah has to offer. The text below in quotes from Leah’s response is such a put-down; coming from someone who is supposed to help people clear themselves makes it doubly offensive. “To remedy your lack of understanding on the subject, and since you are not as sensitive as us to see it for yourself… It is possible that…you will truly understand some of the other traits … Really her description was not limited…it was simplified so that those like you, could more easily understand.” If Leah wants to share an important message with the world, she would be better to do it without criticizing the reader. If I offered my own insights, which are not the same as Leah’s, then I too would be attacked as too stupid to understand. Thanks anyway, Leah. Your kind of healing I can live without.

    1. hi janet im not sure if you actually read the first blog from placeoflightsos on 11th dec but im surprised this person does not realize that we are actually going through a major leap and stepping forward. i myself am an indigo adult and have battled for 34 years to know whats going on with me. the new shift that has taken over has allowed my higher frequency to come through and receive messages that i wouldnt have taken notice of before. so now i know im not insane. xx

  6. Lisa, Janet has studied with me for years and years, so yes she knows I am aware of what you speak. That is why she took such great offense to the comment that I clearly lacked knowledge! Leah was judging someone about whom she knew nothing. Our work has been on A&E (Psychic Kids: Their Sixth Sense), featured in Indigos for Dummies, and referred to by the likes of John Holland, Caren Goode and others.

    In the indigenous way of seeing things, we are currently going through the fifth shift, which is why things are speeding up. It is an earth/energetic thing and has nothing to do with people. People have been born with the same abilities you have since the beginning. Because you pay attention to your intuition, the language of the soul, you are receiving more as Mother Earth gathers herself up to save her self from human abuse.

    It is always the case with those who think within the western paradigm that when the western thinkers discover something it is NEW to the entire world! Western thinking is very ego centered. Being intuitive is nothing new. It is not new because it has always been, but not recognized by western civilization. It is recognized by all other societies, however and considered normal. If you lived in a different society, you would have never doubted your sanity. That doubt was presented to you by western mainstream thinking. In reality, nothing amazing or new is happening.

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