First flying car scheduled for 2011

If US company Terrafugia has its way, the world’s first road-registered, air-worthy, flying car could be on the highways and in the skies by the year 2011. The firm’s new vehicle is called the Transition Roadable Aircraft. Personal aircraft have been on Terrafugia’s drawing boards for years now, but this latest project combines road and air transport needs. The prototype is still going through testing and approval processes, but it really does fly and drive. As it is categorized as a light sport aircraft, the Transition only requires a sport pilot license in the US. At the heart of the concept are folding wings that tuck in neatly beside the cockpit for road use. They are deployed and folded from the convenience of the cockpit. The plane to car transition is stated to take less than 30 seconds. The vehicle, would allow the driver and a passenger to drive to the airport, hit the runway after deploying the wings, fly to their chosen airport and then drive to their destination, which sounds like the ultimate in modern travel. Terrafugia also note that while other personal aircraft become grounded in bad weather, the Transition will shrug off stormy skies and simply take to the road, which means days of being stranded at the airport would be history. Having driven home from the nearest airport, the Transition can be easily stowed away in an average garage; so there’s no need for a hanger. For the safety conscious, there is a safety cage, crumple zone, side impact protection and the owner can also have a full vehicle parachute, not recommended for use on the freeway. The flying car, which would cost 195,000 dollars, would be officially launched in 2011. (Source: Weekend News Today)


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