November Morning – New video on vimeo

Vodpod videos no longer available.

After considering to buy one of the DSLR cameras in addition to my JVC-100 for several months and after watching all the beautiful videos on vimeo produced with the d5 and d7 cameras I still decided to buy Panasonic’s GH1. Although it has not a full-frame sensor, the camera is much (half) lighter, smaller and cheaper than the Canon models and especially the handling is great. The viewfinder is very bright and sharp, the LCD display is sharp and foldable, the various camera settings are easy to access and you can instantaneously switch from still shooting to HD recording. And I had never such detailed White Balance settings on any camera. As a former user of the older Lumix still photography models I learned the basics in one evening and was out this morning for a first test shooting at my home place in Switzerland. I mostly used automatic settings and the stock lens. The soundtrack is by my American friends Kodanda and Premik. Enjoy the result!


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