16 year old around the world sailer now one week into her big adventure

Jess-sunrise-1Jessica Watson (16) from Australia left shire one week ago and brings you a daily update on her blog youngestround Here is what she had to say on Saturday, October 24th:

Well, perfect is about the only word for it out here today, we’re doing 6.5 knots on a broad reach heading for a waypoint below Norfolk Island. The wind was just getting up above 15 knots so I pulled the first reef into the main this morning to keep the motion comfortable and to make the steering easier on Parker (the windvane).

It’s such a nice day that I’ve just spent the morning sitting up on deck enjoying it all, watching Ella’s Pink Lady sail along and listening to music. Today there’s little speckles of white streaked across the water, as if they’re there just to break up all that blue! Just think how great it would be if it were like this every day. On second thoughts maybe it would get a little boring! It’s taken a while but I think the enormity of the voyage and everything that’s happened over the last few months finally caught up with me today, surprisingly it didn’t make me feel at all daunted, just proud of all the people who got us here and a little overwhelmed, wow this is it! And it’s so much better than I ever dreamed! Still there’s a lot to get through yet but I know we can do it, one leg at a time. I’m about half way between Lord Howe and Norfolk Islands now.

So rightyo, foods another big thing that I get a lot of questions about, here goes; it was definitely a bit of a mission and Mum has done an amazing job of putting together a tasty menu that will last 8 months, plus extra just in case. Ella’s Pink Lady doesn’t have refrigeration (because it draws too much power) and after a lot of forced sampling, I concluded that fancy sports foods and most freeze dried food, just wasn’t going to work for me. With a lot of help and advice from other sailors and from Gray Slater a dietitian from the University of the Sunshine Coast, I ended up with a pretty good diet that’s amazingly close to normal food. My main meals are range of about 10 different meals called Easyfood which is pretty amazing, tasty stuff that only needs to be heated and lasts on the shelf for 18 months. Breakfasts are normal stuff like cereal and porridge and I’m able to bake my own bread (I think I’m going to have to try my first loaf soon because the stuff I took, is getting very stale!) and things like scones in the pressure cooker. Other than that there’s tined fruit and veggies, plenty of treats, hot drinks and etc. I’ll see if I can remember to tell you more about what I’m eating as we go, tonight, I’m planning to have Easyfood lamb chops (they are so nice!)with deb (mashed potato) and asparagus.

Ok, that was too long in front of a computer screen so I’m off to enjoy the rest of the day and maybe have a bucket bath in the cockpit. Cya -Jesse


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