Impossibilty Challenger 209: 16 World Records Set in Munich-Dachau


For sure we all have put on a pair of socks in a personal best time when we were in a hurry. Abhinabha Tangerman (31) of the Netherlands was in a hurry for 30 minutes and put on and off the record amount of 239 pairs of socks plus one singular sock. His record was part of the 15th “Impossibility Challenger” – World Record Games organised by the Sri Chinmoy Centre. This weekend in Dachau near Munich 17 participants from 9 countries tried to surmount the barrier of impossibility with 26 record attempts. 16 world records and 8 personal records have been set.

Rainer Schroeder from Altenburg near Leipzig in Germany has a tough mouth and strong teeth. The East German set a world record by bending a horse shoe for 7.2 cm with his teeth. The 48-year-old also kept a flaming torch in his mouth for 10.72 sec. without getting burnt – a second world record for Schroeder. By juggling with 2 motor saws and a 1 kg ball 62 times the Slovakian Milan Roskopf (50) improved his old world record of 35 throws. The passion of Peter Koppen (61) from Munich is the construction of paper so-called “microships“. Over 200,000 microships he built over the years. In the world record time of 22 min and 5 sec. he created 12 microships out of a piece of paper, the size of a stamp. The 37-year-old  sports student Stefan Cojocneandid the the fastest 100 m on stilts while jumping with a skipping rope at the same time in 21.38 sec. The former Romanian Kickbox Champion covered also the fastest 2 miles on stilts in 14 min 4 sec. Albert Walter (35) from Zurich loves telephone books. The Swiss Champion in bench press in 2004 set a world record by tearing apart ten 786 page thick Swiss telephone books in 3 min 43 sec, ” to symbolically destroy the world’s wars and hostilities”, as he said.

Journalist Dirk Rensmann, who filmed for RTL Explosive during the event, covered the fastest mile fully dressed with leathern, black motorcycle clothing and motorcycle helmet while carrying an egg on a spoon, in a time of 13 :15 min. Another specially dressed runner: Stefan Ehrenfellner from Salzburg, long-time Austrian ski teacher, ran his fastest mile in 7 min. 32 sec. with ski boots on and skis on his shoulders. In his second discipline the 31-year-old covered 3000 m only with ski boots on in 13 min. 49.13 sec. With 4 min. 2.9 sec. Ramon Abella Villa (25) from Barcelona improved the old world record time by 23 seconds for the fastest time to solve 10 tasks for adding ten 10-digit numbers without any error. Ramón Campayo (43) – also from Spain – improved 4 world records with his photographic memory. In 0.5 sec he memorized a 34-digit binary number, in 3 sec. a 64-digit binary number as well as 23 numbers in 2 sec. and 25 numbers in 3 seconds. Eckhard Schroeder from Bielefeld in Germany succeeded in reciting 1900 poems of Sri Chinmoy by heart in 24 hours, an amazing achievement that nobody has done until now. The 45-year-old banker improved his own world record by 900 poems. Some personal records: Adesh Widmer (54) from Zurich played on the sitar for 12 hours and 34-year-old Valishtha Upmane of Latvia recited 721 poems in 7 hours, after her helper has read them out, one by one. Austrian Birgit Alic (35) from Linz created 784 paintings with markers in 12 hours.

Indian born philosopher and athlete Sri Chinmoy (1931 -2007) initiated the Impossibility Challenger in 1982 to inspire people to experience the joy which comes into existence, when one competes only with oneself to increase one’s own capacities and inspires therewith others. Sri Chinmoy himself set many weightlifting world records and transcended them with increasing age.


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