Learn the ancient art of meditation with Sri Chinmoy

Vodpod videos no longer available.

In this series we are presenting quotes by Sri Chinmoy in combination with a video showing him in silent meditation, to help seekers find their way into the spiritual world. Today’s episode is called Prayer & Meditation and incorporates the following quote:

“The difference between prayer and meditation is this: when we pray, we feel that our existence is a one-pointed flame soaring upward. The very nature of prayer is to reach God by going up. When we meditate, we throw ourselves into a vast expanse, into an infinite sea of peace and bliss, or we welcome the infinite Vast into us.”

The video was taken in Bali during a concert in the University of Bali in 2001. There are also two smaller versions of the video available on srichinmoy.tv if you want to upload it on your iPod.


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