Choose a city to become a symbol for peaceful global dialogue

New7Wonders is calling on people worldwide to help decide where the Official New7Wonders of Nature should be declared. The gala ceremony, the culmination of the second-ever global election in which more than 1 billion votes are predicted, will be the biggest global event of 2011. On the homepage, New7Wonders Members and fans can support a city already in the race—or nominate a new city. As with all N7W campaigns, this vote empowers world citizens of all colors, creeds and classes through direct democracy, allowing them to shape an important world event and share in a peaceful, global initiative. Many locations proposed for the greatest international celebration of 2011 include: Abu Dhabi, Barcelona, Beirut, Cape Town, Doha, Dublin, Geneva, Hanoi, Montreal, Istanbul, Kuala Lumpur, Las Vegas, Lima, Macao, Manila, Monterrey, Montevideo, Puerto Rico, Quebec,Rio de Janeiro, St. Petersburg, Santiago, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Sofia, Sydney, Taipei, Tokyo and Warsaw.

Currently, 222 countries are participating in the New7Wonders of Nature campaign. This is more than competed in the 2008 Olympics, than are participating in the 2010 World Cup or than there are in the United Nations. The campaign, following the groundbreaking election of the Official New 7 Wonders of the World, declared in 2007 in Lisbon, Portugal, represents another milestone in global participatory democracy. True to the democratic, open nature of all N7W campaigns, the choice of Official Host for the Declaration of the New7Wonders of Nature will be based on the following:

* ability and desire to showcase the greatest event in 2011;
* political and strategic ambition to be at the center of the world;
* as with any other major event, standard license and contract terms and conditions;
* the passion and interest of the people, the national decision-makers and the media.

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