PACE – New online Marathon Magazine

pacePACE is a new online Magazine, covering informations and links about all important marathons worldwide. Karen Parry writes in thefirst April/May 2009 issue:  “We had such enormous success with the newsletter and have so much more information we can share with you that we decided the time was right to evolve into a magazine. There’s another reason for becoming a magazine, is celebrating its 10th birthday this year! That’s 10 years of photographing sporting achievements around the world. This bi-monthly issue brings you the latest details on events around the world, both marathon and triathlon events. We will be sharing our experiences with you in our featured events section and will be filling you in on events that are coming up in our future events section. For more future events, check the back page – there could be one you’d like to enter. We’ve some interesting features including measuring an Olympic Marathon track (page 6) and a 72 year old ironman! (page 7) Check out our readers running stories section to see whether your letter has been published. Once again we were inundated with letters! We love hearing your stories and would like to hear from more of you (but no more than 100 words, please). Click here to send us your running tales. Happy reading and keep up the training”.

What is amazing, how well done this new online magazine is made. Not only can you subscribe to it free and read through it page by page but all articles are linked to the sites of the organizers and often you find embedded videos that can be viewed with one click. Bravo!


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