International Congress on Children of the New Era


Extraordinarily gifted children who demonstrate unusual behaviour are becoming a worldwide phenomenon, and Germany is no exception. They have been given various names – Indigo Children, Crystal Children, Children of Light, Star Children and Rainbow Children – but whatever we call them, they are the children of the new era. They are extremely intuitive, creative, eccentric and independent. Many of them are capable of so-called psychic abilities such as telepathy, clairvoyance or the power to heal. Often, they are extremely dissatisfied with the status quo, and this is why they choose to rebel in their own particular manner. Instead of encouraging their special talents, parents, schools and doctors are often frustrated by the challenges these children present, leading to false interpretation. Often, they are seen as having a behavioural disorder. Thus it is becoming increasingly important to disseminate new insights and information. This is the motivation behind the FIRST INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS: CHILDREN OF THE NEW ERA, held from 1st-3rd May 2009 in Munich, Germany. The organizers write on their website: “We believe that the children and young people of today represent a plethora of potential which is greater than ever before. By this, we do not mean that they are capable of supporting us in old age, but that they have the power to preserve the beauty and diversity of our planet. As such they assist us in creating a new global consciousness so that we behave responsibly towards each other and towards our environment. Irrespective of who we are and how old we are, it is our task to provide a supportive framework for the development of these children. Our intention is to contribute to this exchange of information, to strengthen networking and to bridge the generation gap. This led to the idea of holding a Congress and designing a website for this particular purpose. In this way we hope to reach as many people as possible.”


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