Self-Transcendence Indoor 12h-Swim in Zurich


44 swimmers from Switzerland, Austria, Germany, England, Scottland and Croatia took part in the 11th Int. 12 Hour Swim in Zurich. There were six teams and 21 soloswimmers. The fastest team was WSV/SC St. Gallen (Switzerland): the six swimmers covered 46.4k.The fastest soloswimmer was Tasha Morey from Bournemouth (England) with 41.1k, placing first amongst women, and winner amongst the soloswimmers in the men’s category was Mauro Giaconia from Italy  with 39,2k. The Masters category was won by Andrea Gellan from Scottland with excellent 34,6k, and Robert Michel from Germany with 32,5k. A great inspiration was also the performance of Arthur Puckrin form Middlesbrough, England: he is 71 years young and reached 25.1k! Photo: Markus Imhof


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