Live ranking now online for “New7Wonders”


New7Wonders launches a new online ranking system on that shows the current frontrunners in the Official New7Wonders of Nature global campaign at a glance. Founder and President of New7Wonders Bernard Weber notes that, “One of the guiding principles of New7Wonders is direct democracy—empowering people across our planet to join together in recognition and celebration of what we all share. This clear and transparent ranking system shows the status of all the Official New7Wonders of Nature nominees. Transparency is crucial to really empowering people to make choices in this campaign, as in all areas of their lives.” The 261 nominees are divided into 7 categories* and the leading 11 nominees in each group are highlighted to show their top-ranking status at the moment. When second-stage voting ends on July 7, 2009, the top 77—as determined by the votes cast worldwide—will include the leading 11 nominees in each category. As in the first New7Wonders campaign, these 77 sites will be considered by the New7Wonders Panel of Experts for inclusion in the 21 Official Finalists. The N7W Panel of Experts, led by Prof. Dr. Federico Mayor, former Director-General of UNESCO, will announce the 21 Official Finalists on July 21, 2009. Each voting stage in the Official New7Wonders of Nature campaigns is distinct from all others. This means that people who voted in the first phase can vote in this second stage—it is important to keep participating as the competition narrows! Make sure your favorite nominees are in the Top 77! Vote now at

* CATEGORIES: Group A: Landscapes, ice formations; Group B: Islands; Group C: Mountains, volcanoes; Group D: Caves, rock formations, valleys; Group E: Forests, national parks, nature reserves; Group F: Lakes, river, waterfalls; Group G: Seascapes.


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