Chinese company: From recharchable batteries to hybrid car production

BYD is a new Chinese plug-in electric car. When the electric battery runs out after 80 miles (128km), the petrol engine switches in seamlessly. BYD is a Chinese company which has been in existence for a bare 13 years, and which only recently started making any kind of car at all. This new dual mode rechargeable car makes its launch appearance in China on 15 December. The company started with rechargeable batteriesthat soon became standard parts for one third of all the world’s mobile phones, following the research speciality of the founder and chairman Wang Chuanfu. And the modest battery making company grew. He soon saw that battery powered cars might be the future. BYD knew a lot about batteries, and it was not daunted by the complexities of car-making either. Six years ago, it bought two established Chinese car firms, and now BYD has seven huge plants with 130,000 employees. This company has already made public its aim to be the number one car firm in China by the year 2015, and then – deep breath – number one in the whole world in 2025…, states BBC corresponent Peter Day in his online article today.


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