Boris Purushottama Grebenshikov performs in Vienna

This Monday, December 15, Russian singer Boris Purushottama Grebenshikov will perform for the first time in Austria, in the Wiener Stadthalle in Vienna. In a prolific career that has spanned almost four decades, BG (his artistic short name) has continued to enchant his audiences with new sounds and a lyrical language that has earned him the affectionate title “Poet Laureate of Russia.” Singer, composer and poet Grebenshikov is one of the “founding fathers” of modern Russian music. He has produced more than 500 songs and 50 albums since the formation of his legendary band Aquarium in 1972. His music over the years has incorporated a range of styles, from folk and blues to translucent acoustics – and includes a whole slew of various ethnic and folklore influences, from Celtic to Asian. Accompanied by an international ensemble of musicians performing on instruments from the sitar and tabla to the violin and flute, he presents a fusion of his own classic folk melodies with sounds from around the world. After concerts in Dublin, Kiev, Milan and Russia this will be the final concert for this year. In an interview he said: “As far back as I can remember I was singing – since I was three or four. I always felt this strange feeling when I was listening to music that it means more than people give it credit for. Music has a special sort of enchantment that works when you hear the first couple of notes. I would say that music is sort of an ocean, so I just venture into the ocean and I follow the waves.” For more informations and tickets contact: To get inspired watch also my interview on


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