Hiroshima peace calligraphy exhibition

calligraphyLeft: Contribution by Kanae Yamamoto (6th-year elementary school student from Kure, Hiroshima Prefecture); right: Wasen Goto from Iwakuni, Yamaguchi Prefecture

Winners of the 26th “Hiroshima Heiwa Shodo-ten” (Hiroshima peace calligraphy exhibition) were announced end of October. This year’s exhibition drew some 4,889 entries from around Japan, which represent messages of peace. About 900 works, including 303 winners of the exhibition’s Special Award, were on display at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum from Nov. 2 to Nov. 4. The exhibition was co-organized by the Mainichi Newspapers and the Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation. Hiroshima was declared a City of Peace by the Japanese House of Representatives in 1949, at the first step of its city mayor, Shinzo Hamai. As a result, the municipality of Hiroshima had more worldwide attention as a suitable location for organizing international symposiums on peace as well as public and social issues. Now Hiroshima is a modern city of wide avenues, crossing rivers and a crowded city center. It is situated along the sea coast of the beautiful Seto Inland Sea in the Chugoku region of western Japanese Islands. Although many people only really know it for the terrible split second on hot August 6th, when it turned into the place of the world’s 1st atomic bomb attack, it is today a new, cosmopolitan city with a great food and night life. In July 2006, spiritual leader and peace advocate Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007) gave a concert in the Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima.


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