New TV headphones only available in Japan

Nikon Corp. announced that it will start selling on its official website the “UP” series of headphones with small display screens attached to allow the users to enjoy audio and visual simultaneously. Orders will be accepted from October 15, and deliveries will be made starting in the middle of December. The headphones are about the same size as ordinary around-ear-type headphones and they are attached with small-size display panels with VGA (640px x 480px) resolution. Watching videos on these panels gives the same impression as watching videos on a 17″ display panels placed one meter away. They are capable of playing videos by the Windows Media Player format. Besides playing music and videos, they also have the device for accessing the internet. They work on two AA size batteries. The batteries would last up to 120 minutes of continuous video playing. They allow the users to enjoy both videos and music anywhere at anytime easily leaving their both hands free. There will be two models, one with 4GB memory capacity, a second one with 8GB. They also have a new motion sensor that will enable to control the sound volume by shaking of the user’s head up and down. There is no information if the new TV headphone will also be available outside Japan. (Source:


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