World Harmony Run: Grand Finale in Prague with Carl Lewis

9-time Olympic champion Carl Lewis and deputy Mayor of Prague Markéta Reedová ran together with the World Harmony Run team for the final kilometers. They carried the World Harmony torch over the Charles Bridge and to Old Town Square. „The World Harmony Run, founded in 1987 by Sri Chinmoy, who was the most peaceful person I knew, has inspired millions in Europe and all over the planet to take a step for harmony and a better world,” Carl Lewis said at a reception of the team at the House of Parliament, Senate and Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. The delegation of runners headed by Carl Lewis, the World Harmony Run spokesperson, started this morning from Prague Castle at 10 AM to run to the House of Parliament, where they were received by members of Parliament headed by Anna Čurdová. In the Senate, the torch was received by the deputy chairman Jiří Liška. He symbolically ran with Lewis and the team in the Valdstejnska Garden. After another reception, this time at the Ministry of Education, the torch was accepted by the deputy minister Jan Kocourek who then headed with the runners to Mostecka Tower. There he passed the torch to the Prague deputy Mayor Markéta Reedová.

Mrs Reedová, Carl Lewis and runners from all 49 European countries then ran over the Charles Bridge and arrived just after 1 PM to the stage at the Old Town Square. Deputy Mayor Markéta Reedová spoke to the international runners and then together with the sport legend Carl Lewis and the Executive Director of the run Salil Wilson lighted the beacon of harmony. The World Harmony torch that travelled through all the 49 European countries was then passed between ambassadors, mayors and other guests. The ceremony culmination was a song, composed by World Harmony Run founder Sri Chinmoy, performed by the renowned violin player Pavel Šporcl, Patron of the Run in Czech Republic, the children’s philharmonic orchestra from Liberec and children’s chorus Slavíčci (Nightingales) from Prague. After a release of 7 doves the World Harmony Run torch was headed to a representative from Ireland where the run will start again in 2010.


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