Replica of oldest Japanese Bicycle

An iron replica of Japan’s oldest bicycle made in the early Meiji Period attracted visitors to the Cycle Festival on Sunday. The “sangensha” was invented in 1876 by Mitsumoto Suzuki, the mayor of the former village of Yaji (current Koori Town). The bicycle, with two front wheels and one rear wheel, can move forward and backward when it is pedaled. The municipal government and local residents have been making efforts to completely restore the sangensha with zelkova wood and other materials of the time. The new version of Japan’s oldest bicycle will be completed next year. “If the sangensha is restored, the first Mitsumoto will be happy up there,” said 83-year-old fifth-generation Mitsumoto Suzuki. (Source: The Mainichi Daily News)

The photo shows a model wearing a traditional costume from the Meiji Era riding a replica of the “sangensha,” Japan’s oldest bicycle, in Koori, Fukushima Prefecture.


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