Bryan Adams opened photo show “Hear the World” in Zurich

Bryan Adams, famous musician and official photographer of Hear the World, an initiative by Phonak, introduced the «Hear the World Ambassadors» photography collection Tuesday evening in Zurich. Adams photographed world-famous musicians such as Mick Jagger, Annie Lennox and Rod Stewart in an iconic hearing pose exclusively for this project. Numerous Swiss celebrities from show business, the art world and the world of business joined Bryan Adams and the approximately 500 invited guests at the grand opening. Following successful exhibitions in New York and Berlin, the collection will be on display at PULS 5 in Zurich-West from September 24-28, 2008. Hear the World is a global Phonak initiative to raise awareness about the importance of good hearing and the impact of hearing loss. Approximately 500 million people around the world suffer from hearing loss. «As a musician, I’m naturally sympathetic to an initiative dedicated to helping people appreciate and preserve an individual’s sense of sound,» said Adams. «I hope that our exhibit will help remind people of the tremendous value of their hearing.»

«After having my own hearing loss diagnosed a year ago, I became acutely aware of the importance of the ability to hear,» said Kurt Aeschbacher, a Swiss Hear the World ambassador who moderated the grand opening. «I felt compelled to support Hear the World.» Bryan Adams has been the official Hear the World photographer since the start of the initiative. He photographed initiative ambassadors such as Harry Belafonte, Plácido Domingo and Joss Stone cupping their ear, in a conscious pose of hearing. The resulting images are fascinating portraits for the senses that are now on display in Zurich. Further informations on the website: Proceeds from the sale of the pictures will benefit the Hear the World Foundation. The Foundation, which was founded in the context of the Hear the World initiative in December 2006, supports projects related to hearing around the world by providing financial assistance, technology and informational materials. The foundation is legally and organizationally independent of Phonak. Since the start of the foundation, 15 projects in Switzerland, Africa, Russia and Canada have received support, for example the «Eritrea» project, in which the foundation worked together with the Swiss Support Committee for Eritrea to provide 29 children with hearing systems. Financial assistance is also provided for university research projects: Researchers at the Université de Montréal and the University of Western Ontario will conduct a study to determine why many people suffering from hearing loss conceal it at work. The study is intended to show the consequences of the stigmatization of hearing loss in the workplace. The picture shows Moby, photographed by Bryan Adams and is part of the current exhibition (display size: 120x161cm).


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