A day with the World Harmony Run in New Zealand

The World Harmony Run, inspired by peace advocate Sri Chinmoy, is now in Christchurch, NZ and we got this report dated September 20:

“The day begins in Christchurch’s Cathedral Square, under the shadow of this city’s two great landmarks: Christchurch Cathedral, and major art feature The Chalice. The torch is lit and the run begins, heading to Kaikoura (see picture). Our team is covering the first 90 km of the route. These are small towns we are passing through but here, just as everywhere, people stop, look and wave as we pass through; smile as they read our banners and hear the message, “World Harmony.” Some of the first people we meet are Chris Cairns, well-known New Zealand cricket player, and the WalkNZ team. They are heading south, on a walk from Auckland to Rolleston to promote rail safety. Our teams stop, greet each other, chat and take photographs, then carry on, heading separate ways on this one same road. It is a beautiful spring day and, as we wait on the roadside for our runners to catch up with the van, we can enjoy the new lambs playing amongst the daffodils – these fortunate lambs who are every day blessed with the countenance of the snow-capped Alps suspended on the skyline. Snow-capped mountains, beautiful vineyards rolling green hills, jagged rocky beaches and glorious stunning ancient mountains. There was a visit to see the seals up close on the beach and the press took a photo of us arriving in Kaikoura. Otherwise, we were all alone amongst the wonderment of creation. We finish our distance and can now sit back, relax, and enjoy the drive to Kaikoura. The team is hungry from all the running and we are exceedingly glad our other team has prepared dinner for us. Now that’s harmony, we say! We then turn in for an early night at Kaikoura’s Top 10 Holiday Park, where we are being most graciously hosted and welcomed.” – Susan Marshall


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