Vasanti Niemz: Today is my Channel Anniversary

Vasanti ready in Dover - Calais in the background

23 years ago, on September 9, 1985, Vasanti Niemz swam the English Channel as first German woman. In the meantime many things happened and she still has a passion for swimming. Combined with the inspiration of her meditation teacher, Sri Chinmoy, she regularly practiced, not only swimming, but also biking and running. This saturday Vasanti tries to do a special Triathlon: after crossing the channel from Dover to Calais, she plans to bike from Calais to Bingen, followed by a 80 km run to her home-town Heidelberg. Vasanti arrived in Dover two days ago and now waits for acceptable weather conditions and a free place in Alison Streeter’s boat. In her blog Vasanti writes today: “All the boats stayed in the harbour. The water today felt much colder, almost arctic, but it was quite calm in the harbour and the sun is out, warming. I swam with Rashmi again. Tonight my helper Marie-Therese from Austria will arrive and we will get everything ready and worked out. It’s my Channel Anniversary today, but there is no special feeling – the future is more exciting than the past. Still I am amazed at how calm and peaceful I feel”. Good luck Vasanti!


One thought on “Vasanti Niemz: Today is my Channel Anniversary

  1. To be there at this auspicious day and celebrate it with all the good forces around you and for you, is like to be a person who soon gets another chance there. Let’s hope that you get this chance now soon, to be able to make boundless progress make the Supreme happy and proud of you, dearest Vasanti,

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