An international showcase for fine art photography

I recently discovered a beautiful website called presenting fine art photography on a high level. Contemporary photographers as well masters are shown. So you can see for example work by masters like Ansel Adams, Irvin Penn, Edward Weston, Alfred Stieglitz or Josef Sudek. At the same you can choose contemporary artists. To present the contemprary section I chose a picture by David Burdeny, born 1968 in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. At the age of 12, David started to photograph the prairie landscape and make his own black and white prints in a makeshift darkroom that also served as his bedroom closet. Primarily self taught, his architecture and design background greatly influences his penchant for simple exacting photographs of sky, horizon and the marks humankind leaves behind. Influenced by notable photographers such Michael Kenna, Hiroshi Sugimoto and Fay Goodwin, David purposefully photographs in poor light and near darkness. He uses unusually long exposures to see that which our eyes can not. Moving beyond the literal, his images have been described as ominous, haunting, beautiful and meditative. Watch also his personal website.


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