Channel-Triathlon Dover-Heidelberg 2008 planned for this month

Vasanti Niemz who swam the English Channel in 1985 as first German woman, wants to come back for a special Triathlon,  inspired by her meditation teacher Sri Chinmoy. The triathlon consists of a channel crossing, followed by a bike ride from Calais to Bingen (560 km) and a run from Bingen to Heidelberg, Germany (ca. 80 km). Vasanti had to postpone her triathlon plans in August because of bad weather conditions. After some last trainings in the lake in Germany she wants to travel to Dover  on September 6 or 7 and waits for a slot towards the end of the tide (September 6-11). Hopefully she will be assisted by the “Queen of the Channel”, Alison Streeter.  Follow  Vasanti’s brave adventure on her blog Channel-Triathlon Dover-Heidelberg.


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