Selected drawings by Sri Chinmoy

Over the years of his artistic activities Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007) created hundreds of drawings and millions of so-called soul-bird-drawings. For the first more than 600 of these cute artwork have been compiled in a video of 1:11 h. The music is by two Russian disciples of Sri Chinmoy, Kushali and Rageshri who performed their music under the name “Silence and Sound” in many parts of the world. Edited 2015 by Kedar Misani.

Hallgrím Magnússon on Medicine & Spirit

I interviewed Dr. Hallgrím Magnússon from Iceland who was not only a medical practicing physician for many years but also studied alternative medicine and came to the conclusion that spirit, soul and body have to be considered as a whole to achieve a successful healing. He also spoke about the importance of meditation and prayer, gave some key advice for correct nutrition and looked into the coming changes on Earth and the birth of the Golden Age.

Recorded in Reykjavik in July 2011
Filmed and produced by kedarvideo, Switzerland


I just learned that Mr. Magnússon has passed away on April 21st 2015. May this interview remain a good remembrance of his brave activities in the alternative medical world.

Meditative Art by Sri Chinmoy

Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007) called his artwork “Jharna-Kala”, art that is coming from the source. Enjoy a selection of these modern and spontaneous acrylic paintings. Edited 2015 by Kedar Misani, kedarvideo Switzerland.

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Iceland Proposes Monetary Reform

A new report written by a committee of the Icelandic Parliament, Frosti Sigurjónsson, proposes full-blown monetary reform, that could be a leading example for the all countries. Btw  just currently and initiative in Switzerland called “Vollgeldinitiative” goes in the same direction. Read the report of Frosti Sigurjónsson at:



1-4-2015-2abCheck out my new Photography Blog called PERSONAL PICTURES, publishing one new picture every day:

“LIFE Voices” Interviews now online on a special website

InterviewsOver the years I have made many interviews with inspiring people from around the world. Series is called LIFE Voices and is now online on a especially created webpage. The interviews cover subjects such as meditation, travel, ultra-sports, health, happiness, Self-Transcendence, music, mysteries, Ayurveda, and martial art.

– Kedar Misani

Masaru Emoto: “We are water”

The Secret Life of Water takes viewers on a visual sound-scaped journey with Masaru Emoto’s Messages from Water. This guided meditation is purposed to raise the conscious awareness of water.


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