The 27th Zurich Lake Marathon Swim 2014

40 solo swimmers and 21 teams from all over the world started early in the morning in Rapperswil with the goal to reach Zurich within 12 hours by swimming nonstop on the Lake Zurich. In the beginning the sky was cloudy, but around noon the sun came to the fore and the air temperature climbed up to 27°C. Around Meilen the lake was choppy, the water temperature was ca. 21- 22° C. First to reach Zurich was Marco Allegretti from Italy in 6 h 19 m 41s. He beat the record of Jürg Schmid (CH) in the cate- gory “Men without wetsuit” from 2008. Fastest in the women’s category was Rachael Lee from Ireland with 7h 02m 15s. In the category “Relays with wetsuit” the team “Young, fast and furious” from Switzerland placed first in 6h 59m 11s. “Young and fast” the three girls are indeed, being only 12, 13 and 14 years of age! This is the short online summary; the full version is available on DVD.

A new Photo Blog

greenThis photo is from a new photo blog called PERSONAL PICTURES. You are invited to check it out here.

Sharing Loving-Kindness after each Meditation


The world is moving fast and a lot is being manipulated. What can each of us do? If you have your daily meditations, preferably twice a day, close your meditation at 6:30 am and 9:30 pm by sharing LOVING-KINDNESS to the world around you, preferably to the whole humanity, by saying or reading the following words:

- May I – YOU – WE – ALL – be safe from inner and outer harm.
- May I – YOU – WE – ALL – be filled with loving-kindness.
- May I – YOU – WE – ALL – beings live in peace and harmony.

Your spreading LOVING-KINDNESS is making a very big difference. Look at the this map of Europe. Regardless where you are situated by sharing LOVING-KINDNESS light will rise up in the morphogenetic field and incorporates a free energy for all living beings. Lets join together in sharing LOVING-KINDNESS and move the world into inner peace. LOVING-KINDNESS is known and practised in the Buddhist world for more than 2000 years under the term Mettā.

- Upasika Elsbeth

Tejvan Pettinger wins Glossop Kinder Velo hill-climb for the 3rd time


National champion Tejvan Pettinger (Sri Chinmoy CT) opened his hill climb season in the same way as the previous two years with victory in Glossop Kinder Velo’s event on the Snake Pass in Derbyshire, England. Tejvan back in the country for a little over 24 hours after a trip to New York, was the only rider inside 12 minutes as he completed the 3.2-mile ascent in 11 min 51.5 sec, 15 seconds down on his event record from last year when he enjoyed a more favourable tailwind, to win the event for the third year running.


One US hospital is using organic produce to help heal patients

It now seems almost revolutionary to think that we can change our health by changing the food we eat. But, one hospital in Pennsylvania thought just that. In 2014, Rodale Institute, in partnership with St. Luke’s University Health Network, launched a true farm to hospital food program.


Farmer Lynn Trizna/Photo: Bill Noll

The Anderson Campus at St. Luke’s has more than 300 acres of farmland, much of which had historically been farmed conventionally with crops like corn and soy. The hospital administration recognized the impact that providing fresh, local organic produce could have on patient health and approached Rodale Institute to transition the land to organic and farm vegetables to be used in patient meals as well as in the cafeteria. Lynn Trizna, or Farmer Lynn, as she’s known around St. Luke’s, provides food to all six hospitals within the network. This year, she is growing five acres of vegetables with plans to expand to ten acres in 2015. She estimates about 44,000 lbs of produce from her farm will be served in the hospital, just this season. She is paid a salary through Rodale Institute and has employed three staff members, all aspiring farmers.

With a three-year plan in place, Rodale Institute and St. Luke’s see the potential for expansion. We envision growing the program to include fifteen to twenty farmers—supporting new farmers who don’t have access to land; greenhouses that allow for year round production of produce; and a small batch cannery, ensuring that we can enjoy the harvest, even in the coldest months of winter. We have created this model with the belief that it can, and should, be replicated at every hospital throughout the U.S.


Indian DD News Channel on the World’s Longest Garland

What does the man with the most Guinness World Records do when he’s run out of records to break — he reclaims an old record that he lost. Yes.. Ashrita Furman of USA has set a new world record for the longest garland of flowers. Furman has assembled a 8 km-long garland weighing around 1700 kilograms in New York to commemorate Sri Chinmoy’s 50 years of manifestation for world peace. Yesterday, more than a thousand disciples gathered together in Queens New York celebrating Sri Chinm0y’s 83rd anniversary. The master passed away on October 11, 2007.


Today is Sri Chinmoy’s 83rd Anniversary

Today marks the 83rd Anniversary of Sri Chinmoy, one of most prolific meditation teachers of our time. This video captures a full hour of meditative moments, compiled over the years in various places around the world. It is volume 5 of a series of 11 meditation videos, filmed and produced by kedarvideo Switzerland.


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